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What can we help you with?

Sudden Hearing Loss

Also known as Sudden Deafness, this is a medical emergency. If you notice a sudden full or partial hearing loss in your ear, increased tinnitus, fullness on the side of your head or pressure in your ear you need to be seen by an expert urgently for an assessment of your ear canal and an audiogram. You will then be referred with your clinical notes and a copy of the audiogram directly to your GP or A&E for treatment.

Blocked Ears

See Erin at All Ear Care for safe clearing of the ear canal so you can hear clearly again.

Ear Infections / Itchy Ears / Leaking Ears / Painful Ears / Swollen Canals (Swimmers Ears)

At All Ear Care we will clear the canal of infected debris safely using micro-suction. Drops work better and faster in a canal that is clear of debris and infection. A swab may be taken during your appointment to identify the pathogen so you can receive the correct treatment. Most treatments require a prescription from your GP. Please note some ear drops are unsafe to use with perforations or grommets. The nurses at All Ear Care microscopically check the ear drum for a perforation and will inform you.

Removal of Foreign Bodies

E.g., beads / hearing aid domes / insects - phone us today for an appointment. Using our state-of-the-art Zeiss microscope and our specialised instruments we can safely remove the foreign body, check the canal and TM (ear drum) for damage and assess if there is an infection.


Or ringing in the ears, which usually occurs from age or noise related hearing loss or an injury. In some cases, though, it can be a sign of a Sudden Hearing Loss. Tinnitus can be exacerbated by blocked ears. If you are experiencing a sudden onset of tinnitus or your tinnitus changes, we can microscopically check and clear the ear canal, offer Screening Audiograms and use tuning forks to assess for Sudden Deafness or Sudden Hearing Loss. Make an appointment today.

Balance Disturbances

Balance disturbances can be caused by blocked ears due to wax, but can also be caused by a condition called BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) where you get the sudden sensation of spinning, specifically with changes in your head position. This is one of the most common inner ear disorders and is caused by tiny calcium crystals (otoconia) coming loose in the semicircular canal. We can assess your ears and clear them of wax but if BPPV is suspected we will refer you to a specialist physio who can assess you and realign the crystals.

Exostosis or Surfers Ears

Repeated exposure to cold wind or water can cause exostosis, this is where bony growths develop inside the ear canal, narrowing the canal. This can result in frequent infections, blocking of the canal and hearing loss. Regular cleaning and assessment are advised to keep the ear canals healthy. In very severe cases, you may be advised to see your GP for an ENT referral for assessment and / or surgery.

Airplane and Diving Ears

The eustachian tube (which connects the middle ear to the back of the nose) usually maintains equal pressure on both sides of the TM or ear drum. When there is a rapid change in pressure from diving or flying and you cannot equalize properly it creates a pressure imbalance in the middle ear. This can cause intense pain in the ears due to the TM or ear drum becoming retracted. The middle ear space can then fill with fluid and/or blood, or you can get bleeding in the layers of the ear drum. After this you may notice your ears are blocked for days or weeks after. At All Ear Care we can assess your ear drum and the middle ear for fluid and offer advice and education on how to help with this.

Hearing Aid Users

If you have hearing aids one thing your audiologist should tell you is to get your ears cleaned using micro-suction on average 6 monthly. Wearing hearing aids can stimulate the body to produce more wax, it also pushes the wax further down in the canal, causing blocking of the canal and of the filters in the hearing aid. If you notice your hearing is less when using your hearing aids or your aids are whistling or squealing, you probably need micro-suction to clear the canal.

ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction) and Glue Ear

Basically, the eustachian tube allows air to flow into the middle ear creating an equal air pressure either side of the TM or ear drum. The tube can be dysfunctional or become blocked due to age or a cold / virus, creating a negative air pressure (ETD). This can cause pain as the TM or eardrum is retracted back, fluid can then fill the middle ear space meaning the eardrum cannot vibrate properly, therefore hearing is reduced. Over time this fluid can become infected and thicken to a glue-like consistency which is called Glue Ear. Glue Ear is common in children because of the narrowness and angle of the eustachian tube. Visit All Ear Care for an assessment, advice and education on ETD or glue ear.

Screening Audiograms or Hearing Tests

At All Ear Care we are able to offer clients screening audiograms, where your hearing is charted onto a graph. This shows how well you can hear different sounds and frequencies, which can then identify hearing loss. During your consultation your ears will be examined under the microscope and any wax removed. This may be the cause of your hearing loss, if not, an audiogram will be conducted, and the results explained to you. You may be advised to have more comprehensive testing with an Audiologist.

Occupational Hearing Tests

Employers must arrange for hearing tests (audiometry) to be carried out on all employees who work in an area with hazardous noise. This must be done by a “competent” person when an employee starts work, and at intervals of no longer than 12 months thereafter. We can help you. Book today.

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