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Typically, appointments are 20 minutes long.

Typically, most clients will have both ears cleared in 1 appointment but if you have complicated ears or your wax is difficult to extract you may be asked to return for a follow up appointment.

If a swab is indicated, and you meet the Path Lab criteria, we will swab the infected canal to establish what type of infection you have. This will then allow your GP to determine which ear drops are needed to be prescribed to treat the infection. Once a swab is taken it will be put in a sealed plastic bag, along with your clinical notes and you will be asked to deliver it to your MEDICAL CENTRE. If your GP thinks it is clinically appropriate, they will then complete a path lab form and send the swab off to the lab for processing.

Micro-suction is the safest method of removing wax or infection from the ear canal. We use a Zeiss surgical microscope to magnify the view of your ear canal and ear drum so we can safely remove the wax from your canal.

Using Micro-suction, the risk of causing pain is rare. You will be asked to lie still while the procedure is being carried out as a sudden movement can cause pain when the equipment touches your canal wall. If you have hard impacted wax this can at times cause some discomfort when it is being lifted and removed from the canal. Please inform your nurse if you are experiencing this.

No – we ask that you refrain from using over the counter wax softening ear drops as this can cause wax to become too soft causing it to run down the canal and cover the ear drum which makes cleaning more difficult .

Absolutely, we welcome family, whanau, a friend, parent or caregiver to support you on your journey of getting healthy ears.

Diagnosis of this can be done by examination of the TM or ear drum by the nurse using the Zeiss surgical microscope. An explanation using our colour diagrams,  photos of your child’s ear and education around treatment and prevention will be given. If you have a grommet we can see if the grommet is still in place and if it is doing what it should. If your nurse has any concerns, she will advise you to see your ENT specialist.

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