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Blocked ears – Before & After…

Are you are suffering from blocked ears? Hearing popping and crackling sounds in your ears? Have you noticed you have blocked ears in the mornings, after a shower or a swim? You probably have too much wax in your ear canal. The wax build up happens over time, and will get to the point where there is too much in the canal which causes a blocked ear. You may notice your ear blocking in the mornings, this is because of your body heat, when sleeping and laying on your side the heat from your body softens the wax. You may also notice your ears are blocking after a shower or swim, this is because water, softens the wax causing it to plump up in the canal. As you go about your day, the air dries the wax and it shrinks down creating a gap in the ear canal and the ear then feels unblocked. When this happens the only real safe way is to use micro-suction to clear the excess wax from the canal. We strongly recommend not using ear drops as this acts like water, which softens and plumps the wax up causing the canal be become more blocked and the wax to become too soft. See the before and after pictures of a clients who visited All Ear Care, the first picture is of wax blocking the canal and the second picture is after micro-suction where the canal has been cleared of wax. You can see the healthy canal walls and the ear drum (TM) in the background. Book online today at or phone for an appointment 021 272 1132 or 07 9497857.

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Blocked ears – Before & After…

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