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All Ear Care- experts in micro-suction

All Ear Care is a newly established ear clinic situated in the Horsham Village, Rototuna North, Hamilton. Micro-Suction or cleaning of wax from the ear canals and ear drums is All Ear Care’s specialty. The owner-operator is Erin Craig who is an ear nurse consultant and has worked in the ear industry for over 6 years and has networks with Audiologists, ENT Specialists and Doctors.

All Ear Care has the latest equipment having imported a state-of-the-art ENT microscope from Zeiss in Germany which gives 10 – 30 x magnification of the ear canal and the ear drum. This enables Erin to safely clean the ear canal and ear drum, without causing pain or discomfort.

 Erin is trained to visually identify infections and disorders of the ear so she can give the best advice and make an accurate treatment plan.  The microscope also has a camera attached to the monitor, so a photo or video can be taken to show you after the procedure.

If an infection is in the canal, Erin can identify what type of bacteria or fungi is present and advise which ear drops are needed to treat the infection and create a treatment plan. Erin does not prescribe but is happy to forward the consultation notes on to the GP.

Erin also has an Audiometer and is trained to do screening hearing tests. This is something she says everyone should have done every 5 years to provide a base line for future hearing tests.

Erin can see people off all ages, is fantastic at educating clients and parents about ear conditions and will give you the best advice possible. Do not delay see Erin at All Ear Care today.

Prices are on the website and a discount is given to Gold Card Holders.

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All Ear Care- experts in micro-suction

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